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Michelene Scarchilli

I get it, my name is unique. Let me help you out with the pronunciation [mickle - een] [scar - kelly].
Graphic design has been my passion since I took “computer graphics”
in high  school to fulfill an art requirement. Since then I have
studied at Sacred Heart  University in the Art & Design department
and worked at East of Ellie, an events  co., NBC Sports, and Conair (Cuisinart division). I’ve channeled this passion into  being part of
the 2021 Stevie® Awards: Company of the Year – Business Services – 10 or Less Employees 
and the 2021 Indigo Award Winner: Bronze
in Branding

A few fun facts about me: I'm a huge makeup fanatic. I try to befriend any dog ever because they're just amazing. I lived in Rome for 4 months with a study abroad program in college - bellissima! Arizona is my favorite state as the beauty is unlike anything I've ever seen.

If you need a well-versed designer who is eager to exceed your expectations and learn new things, I'm your girl.
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